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"I'm so incredibly happy! ... These products are the best on the market and that's a fact!" - Tony

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English Pipe: Aged tobacco, cinnamon, honey, vanilla, dried fruits, Tonka, lime, nutmeg, chocolate, carrot leaf, amber, and musk.


A portion of every order gets donated to provide clean drinking water in poor regions and to provide more jobs for women in vulnerable communities



Basic Care Set - Marco P. Selfcare

Side effects

Excessive compliments:

While receiving compliments on your amazing hair, skin, tattoos and beard or how great you smell can be enjoyable, constantly receiving them may become tiresome or feel insincere over time.

May offend others

who do not use our products and do not have great hair or beards

Envy from others:

Having lustrous hair and a well-groomed beard may lead to envy from others, which could strain relationships or lead to resentment.

Increased attention:

Having glowing healthy skin and incredible hair and beard can attract extra attention from others who will want friendly or romantic relationships with you, which can be annoying.

Jealousy from partners:

If you have great hair and beard, it may lead to jealousy from romantic partners who feel threatened by the attention you receive from others.

Perceptions of success:

Having flawless skin, and incredible hair or beard may lead to others having high perceptions of your status, or you being successful or attractive, which could be difficult to live up to or maintain.


For more details and benefits, please check the individual product pages.

Set includes:

1x Hair and beard oil 30 ml / 1 oz (Deeply moisturizing and nourishing for hair and skin)

1x Hair and beard whipped butter 60 ml / 2 oz (Deeply moisturizing and nourishing for hair and skin with low to moderate hold)

1x Hair and beard wax 30 ml / 1 oz (Deeply moisturizing and nourishing for hair and skin with a moderately strong hold)

*Contains nut oil. Do not use if allergic.

All sets come with a free oil sample of choice. Please mention the scent you'd like to try in the order notes section.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our products are carefully formulated with clear intention behind every ingredient included, all of which are natural, vegan-friendly (unless stated otherwise), cruelty-free, and of the highest quality.

If you are not happy with your purchase, you have FOREVER to get your money back!

Not 14 or 30 or 60 or even 365 days like other companies. FOREVER! As long as you are alive, and by some miracle you do not love our products, you can get your money back.

Why? because we believe in our products and the benefits they can offer you so much that we had to make it a no brainer for you to try them.

We wanted to remove all risk for our customers because we would be doing you a disservice by having anything come in the way of you experiencing all the benefits waiting for you.

That's how confident we are that you'll fall in love with our products because every single one is made with extreme care, love, and focus on genuine benefit, meaning;

no cheap fillers, trace amounts, or marketing gimmicks. Just pure goodness that you can experience risk free.


See individual product pages


Always test a small amount on your forearm to check for any allergies or reactions. If any irritation or allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately.


See individual product pages


Free shipping on orders over €145

For orders under €145 we charge the following flat rates;

Austria- €4.99

EU- €9.99

EAA- €16.00

US, CA, AU, NZ- €29.99

Rest of the world- €17.00

As a small business, to keep things simple, we charge you flat rates according to the average shipping costs we incur. 

Under normal conditions, orders will be sent same or next day.

Shipping takes 1-2 business days (within Austria),

2-7 business days (EU/EEA), and

5-12 business days (rest of the world)

All our shipments are tracked which avoids any possible conflict or guessing regarding the location of the package.

We kindly ask you to check for signs of damage to the package before accepting it.

If you find anything damaged or missing after accepting, kindly take pictures and/or videos clearly showing the damages.

This allows us to send you a replacement immediately and dispute the shipment with our shipping partners.

We take great pride in our sense of responsibility towards every single customer and will always resolve any issue you might encounter.

There is absolutely zero possibility for you to have a negative experience with us.


Some countries will charge you customs and/or duties upon delivery of your package.

This varies country-by-country and unfortunately we have no control over this. As with all businesses;

All applicable customs fees, taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of the customer. 

Customers are responsible for being aware of and paying any customs fees and duties charged by your country.

Wrong address/shipping info/editing/canceling orders:

If you realize you have made a mistake, kindly contact us immediately at or send us a message on Instagram @marco.p.selfcare

If we have not yet sent out your order, then there should be no problem in correcting any information or editing/canceling your order.

If your order has been sent, we would advise for you to wait and track the order as it is possible that it reaches you anyway.

In the event that your order has been returned to us because the address you provided was incorrect and you would like it to be resent,

The costs of reshipping and fees of the parcel being returned to us would be incurred by you, the customer, because of the incorrect information that was provided to us.

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Named after Marco Polo, the traveler.

Marco P. is the first brand to specialize in natural hair, beard, and body care products with a wholistic focus on self-improvement and care for all men and women.

We do this while simultaneously creating a tangible difference in the world.

Being named after a famous traveler, our products come in scents that are inspired by the beauty and priceless experiences of different countries, and cities.

We wanted to trigger warm feelings and bring smiles by making you remember all the best moments you've had travelling around the world.


Unlike the majority of companies that virtue signal at best, at Marco P. we are committed to a mission of making a tangible and measurable difference in the world that has a real impact.

A mission of effectively changing lives and saving lives.

We mainly do this in 3 ways;

1. Physical products that directly and immediately help you look and feel better and more confident.

2. Digital products and content on our social media designed to help you become the best version of yourself.

3. Every order we get, we take a portion of the money and donate it towards financing access to clean drinking water in poor regions.

In only 6 months after this brand was created, Marco P. had already financed over 29 million liters of clean drinking water to children and families in need.

At Marco P. we strongly believe that charity should be done in secret.
However, if sharing that information results in helping and saving more people faster, then that is more important.


Skyscrapers, technology, and modern comforts are all nice and flashy but nature is just in a league of its own.

It is elevated above and beyond all that. Nothing comes close to what nature can offer you.

Just like nature, Marco P. elevates above the rest. There is simply no competition.

We bring you the simplicity, authenticity, serenity, purity and elegance of nature, through our integrity, our mission, impact, and selection of only the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients.

Other than the numerous benefits of our products you've read on this page,

You can feel proud with a sense of achievement every time you use our products because,

  • A. You are taking care of yourself physically and mentally, which improves your life and the life of everyone around you.

  • B. You have helped save a child's life.

So welcome to our community and thank you for supporting our mission.


Long lasting scents that linger on you. Scents that leave you unforgettable.

  • English Pipe

    Immerse yourself in a bygone era of opulence and refinement with our English Pipe scent.


    Picture yourself walking into a luxurious, dimly-lit gentlemen's club, surrounded by the rich aroma of aged tobacco, infused with the warmth of cinnamon, honey, and vanilla.


    As you breathe in the air, notes of dried fruits, Tonka, and lime dance on your senses, followed by a subtle hint of nutmeg, chocolate, and carrot leaf.


    The scent is wrapped in a veil of amber and musk, creating an intoxicating and sophisticated aroma that lingers on you.


    Our English Pipe scent is not just a fragrance, it's a journey through time, a celebration of elegance and refinement.


    Indulge in the sweet nostalgia and experience the intoxicating aroma of English Pipe.

  • Viennese Strudel

    Imagine walking into a cozy bakery in Vienna, where the aroma of pastry fresh out of the oven, envelops you.


    You can almost taste the fruity filling of sweet apples and spiced cinnamon. Hear the crackle of the flaky, golden pastry crust, glistening in the warm sunset light as you bite into it.


    As you savor each delicious bite. With every whiff of our Viennese Strudel, you're swept away to a sensual world of indulgence, where every moment is a celebration of life's little pleasures.


    A decadent scent that evokes memories of Vienna's famous pastry shops and charming cafes.


    A scent that will seduce you and have you basking in its sweet, blissful, warm embrace.


    Treat yourself to a little bit of Vienna's culinary heritage and experience the pure bliss of our Viennese Strudel.

  • German Black Forest

    Awaken your senses to a world of winter enchantment.


    As soon as you open the cap, you are instantly teleported into a snow-filled fairytale,


    A journey through one of Germany's most beautiful and captivating regions


    Surrounded by snow-capped trees, in the heart of the Black Forest.


    A rich herbal and woody aroma of fir, eucalyptus, pine, and green notes will take you on a sensory journey where the essence of nature's purest aromas fills the air.


    Both energizing and calming, the forest awakens your senses and soothes your soul.


    Imagine being able to capture that essence and bringing it straight to your grooming routine, providing a fresh and revitalizing experience for your hair, beard, and skin.


    At Marco P. We make your fantasy a reality. Are you ready?

  • Andalusian Summers

    Inhale deeply and feel the sun's tender caress on your skin.


    Kissed with a golden symphony of light. A burst of zesty citrus notes playfully embraces and invigorates your senses, as their vibrant hues illuminate the breathtaking landscapes.


    In the midst of the bustling markets and charming alleyways, a blend of warm cinnamon and cloves emerges, tempting you with intrigue.


    As you stroll through the fragrant gardens, delicate blossoms of jasmine reveal their secret allure, their floral whispers carrying the essence of sunlit petals and gentle breezes with untold stories. The very essence of Andalusian summer romance is captured in this harmonious interplay of nature's treasures.


    As the day slowly surrenders to the enchanting twilight, the scent deepens, unveiling hidden dimensions. Base notes of woods and musk emerge, evoking the ancient wisdom of towering trees and the earthy grounding of a timeless landscape. The fragrance embraces you like the shade of centuries-old olive groves, where whispers of history and dreams intermingle.


    Immerse yourself in the allure of Andalusian Summers and embark on a sensory voyage through the sun-kissed heart of Spain while the aroma guides you along cobblestone streets, where vibrant flamenco rhythms echo and laughter fills the air.


    Experience the essence of Andalusian passion.

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About you

Our products are handmade with the highest quality ingredients and formulated for men and women of all skin and hair types.

The brand was born with a universal message and goal, there was no reason for the method of delivery (our products), to not be universal or to exclude anyone.

Every product is made with extreme care, love, and focus on genuine benefit, meaning no cheap fillers, trace amounts, or marketing gimmicks. No parabens, or harsh chemicals, just pure goodness that you can experience risk free today!

About social impact

A portion of every order gets donated to provide clean drinking water in poor regions and to provide more jobs for women in vulnerable communities

About animals

Our products are cruelty free, never have been and never will be tested on animals

About the environment

We do our best to make sure and verify that our ingredients are ethically sourced by our suppliers.

Less plastic and less waste by eliminating individual packaging for our products and using recyclable material.

You can either recycle these shipping materials or compost them.

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