Save years of pain and become the ultimate version of yourself today

Master the 3 core skills you need to live a life you wouldn't want a vacation from.

A step-by-step guide covering exactly what it takes to finally flip the switch and turn on the life you daydream of.

This information was obtained through years of experiences and knowledge that people learn the REALLY hard way or never even learn at all, given to you today on a silver platter.

In less than 3 months, if you do the work consistently, your life will be completely different

The ONLY guide you need to live a life 90% of people never will

Endless scrolling. Wasting time. Little to no social life. Miserable job. Out of shape.

little to no success in love.

Unhappy/toxic relationships and friendships.

Drinking on the weekend and dreading Monday.

Vacations are the only escape and you impatiently wait for them.

Doesn't matter who's around you, you always feel lonely.

There's something missing, something making you feel bad.

Low energy, not in the mood for anyone or anything.

"Why can't I just catch an effing break?".

Sounds familiar?

If you're reading this, the odds are, you have been living a mediocre average life at best and you're not happy with it.

This is NOT about financial status, how much money you make, or the type of job you have.

This is about the 3 main things in life most people struggle with. The 3 main skills you need, if you want to have any hope of experiencing true happiness.

In many cases, it is not the person's fault for not having these skills.

Media has done great damage to society, and, by extension, society amplifies that damage to individuals.

For many years, men and women have been constantly attacked with trash narratives that do nothing but destroy people's self-esteem and self-worth.

No, I don't mean pictures of extremely athletic people on social media that make you feel bad about yourself. If you allow yourself to feel bad because of things like that, then this might not be for you.

We have been spammed with messaging that aims to make us mindless consumers. Addicted to cheap stimulation.

Depressed just enough to keep consuming and have little to no self-worth. 

Comfortable just enough to continue our routines and not do anything about it.

This is not a "conspiracy theory". This is the reality of today's world if you just took a minute to really analyze things beyond surface level.

Again, this might not be for you if you think there's nothing wrong with how most people live their lives today.


"Walk before you can run" It's really that simple.

Whatever skill or field you want to learn, you always start by mastering the proven fundamentals.

Now, let me ask you a question back.

Our time on earth is limited and can end at any moment, yes?

Then it is an absolute priority of utmost importance to be as efficient as possible and not waste time and resources on things that give us little to no benefit.

If you urgently needed to learn chess to save your life or someone you love, 

Would you spend time trying to learn thousands of advanced strategies that have different variations based on what your opponent does before you even knew how every piece moved?

The obvious answer is no! 

You would master the basics, because when you do that, you now have all the tools you need.

Everything else depends on you.

You can try to memorize strategies but your opponent is not going to just sit there and move the pieces how you want them to move so you can do the moves you want.

Strategy comes to you naturally by being observant, by analyzing and optimizing, but is completely pointless if you do not know how to use every piece to its full capability and have never played or not played enough.

This is why concepts like the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) exist.

In short, it's the idea that 80% of outcomes are the result of 20% of causes.

For example, if you go to the gym you will find hundreds of factors that can influence your results, but,

In reality, if you consistently eat clean, train hard, sleep well, then you are guaranteed to succeed.

If you start spending time on any of the other hundreds of things without having diet, training and sleep dialed in, then you are guaranteed to run around in circles and fail.

In other words, if you master the basics, you WILL succeed

This concept can be applied to many areas of life including business, productivity, learning a language, learning a skill, education, and much more.

In general, most things in life, you only need to learn the basics, and that takes care of even more than 80% of whatever you might want to do.

In this case, the basics/essentials of a happy above average life are the 3 skills you will master in this guide.

In this specific case with the guide,

I'm cutting out all the BS others will try to sell and "teach" you(75%)

Giving you the practical information that actually makes a difference(20%)

The remaining 5% are things you will learn on your own by applying and mastering the basics.

These are variables that would be pointless to explain because they can only be learned through individual experience, and I'm not here to waste your time with things you already know or will learn automatically by doing.

I'm here to give you all the tools you need to have your dream life.

I'm giving you all the Lego pieces you need to build whatever is on the box in the best way without adding extra pieces that make it harder for you, just for the sake of giving you more.

So, the fact that this is called Mastering the "basics" only means that I'm giving you everything that is proven to work, and not giving you pointless junk that others would mislead you with and waste your time on,

And the rest is just details that you will be able to learn and adjust based on the experiences you will have.

So, without wasting any time, let's jump straight into the first skill.


When was the last time you were able to genuinely enjoy a long spontaneous conversation with a stranger without any hidden intention?

Without anything to gain.

Without constantly thinking "I can't wait for this person to leave".

Without thinking "I wish I can date this person".

Without thinking "this person can help me with this or that".

You might say "why would I even want to"

"I don't care about having conversations with strangers".

If you did think that, then you've only proven my point that the problem exists.

This module of the program is not about dating or pickup.

This will enable you to master the essentials of social dynamics,

Which by extension will give you all the tools you need to approach people, be an above-average friend, partner, lover, or whatever you choose to be.

(Bonus, there is, however, a little secret included which women can use to get ANYTHING they want in a relationship)

You have been conditioned to be isolated and only think about your wants and what you don't have.

The ability to have genuine selfless interactions with people is more useful than you can imagine.

We are social beings, we're not meant to be alone.

It's one of the biggest reasons so many people are unhappy, living an average zombie life each day.

This ability ALONE can radically change your life.

Learning to genuinely let go of wanting things and just giving myself to the world.

Learning to overcome things like anxiety, insecurity, and shyness.

Becoming a genuinely confident individual on a deep level allowed me to have some of the BEST experiences of my life.

Fairytale romances, businesses and business partners, amazing friendships, you name it.

There would've been SO MUCH I would have missed out on in this life if I did not take steps to learn how to become an above-average individual.

Yes, confidence and social skills CAN be taught.

The steps I took for myself are the same steps I want to share with you today.

It's our natural state that we're born with before life beats it out of us.

Just like you, it wasn't my fault.

Life beat the shit out of me man (sometimes literally) from a very young age.

For a long time, it kept me in a dark place.

Until I reached a point where I realized that what happened to me may not have been my fault,

It may have been out of my control BUT

How I allow it to affect me, how I now as a conscious adult choose to live my life is absolutely my responsibility and IS in my control.

This brings us to the second skill most people struggle with today


This isn't some generic regurgitated motivational crap. 

This also isn't some cringe-worthy neo-spiritual scam.


This is everything from how you view yourself and the world to your entire reality.

This is the difference between


• You being a powerless victim that hopes people feel bad for them and then gets angry when they don't.

•Continues to live a bitter life on repeat every day

•Looking at the things others have

Be it happiness, love, material possessions.

•Fantasizing about it then distracting yourself with drinking on the weekend or video games or the new Netflix show or meaningless promiscuity


•You being unfuc*able-with.

•An indestructible force of nature.

•You experiencing genuine empowerment.

•You getting ANYTHING you choose to have.

•You achieving any goal you have for yourself.

•You learning any skill you want to learn.

•You having meaningful fulfilling experiences with other people.

•You not needing to escape to a video game because your life is now cooler than any possible video game.

The mindset learnings you will get,

are exactly what allowed me to start a business in 2019 and be here today

Without it, I would've given up and you wouldn't be here reading this.

These concepts kept me going forward at a 1000km/h during my toughest times.

It kept me going when I had one failure after another.

I did not spend a single moment doubting myself.

Even at times when my heart was breaking from how much I've tried and sacrificed with nothing to show for it,

My eyes were crying while my mind kept my hands on the laptop actively working on the next idea.

And guess what?

I only started having problems the moment I allowed myself to have a different mindset. 

A mindset that 99.9% of people unfortunately have,

EVERYTHING started going downhill.

"Rock bottom" was the sky for me, to put it lightly.

It took me months to undo the damage.

If it was anyone else, they might have NEVER been able to do that and get back on track.

That experience was like if you were really fit and healthy and suddenly you make a mistake that makes you morbidly obese.

Bedridden, unable to feed or wash yourself with every health issue you can imagine,

And then bringing yourself from that stage back to an even better body and better health than you had in the first place.

WITHOUT doctors, friends, personal trainers, or anyone to help you in any way.

I promise you there isn't an ounce of exaggeration in this comparison.

Now tell me truthfully,

How many people you know can actually pull that off?

I did, and I did it ALONE!

I'm not special though, I simply used tools that were available to me.

Tools that are available to anyone for free,

But they're scattered like a jigsaw puzzle with small pieces hidden in places you wouldn't easily find.

Many people spend their entire life looking for those pieces, some never find them.

I was fortunate enough to find them, but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Every lesson I learned in life, I learned it the hard way.

I honestly wouldn't wish some of the things I had to experience on anyone.

While I do believe that having a hard life is useful in building character and learning lessons, and I do not like taking the "easy way",

There are things that objectively are really unnecessary to waste time and tears on.

For example,

Even though I'm proud of all the skills and experiences I have learned and the level of competence they have given me,

If I had the budget to hire a mentor when I first started doing business I would have done it immediately.

Most of the things I learned the "hard way" in years,

I could have learned them in a few days from a mentor and I would've been far more successful much earlier.

Keep in mind,

It took me years to learn some things,

Even though I was relentlessly educating myself nonstop and looking for solutions to countless problems every day.

It took me years even though I had obtained over 7 different expert-level certifications.

It took me years even though working and learning were literally the only things I spent my days on.

I did not even go to the gym which was the equivalent of oxygen to me because I did not want to stop working and learning.

My four-year relationship ended because I wouldn't spend any time on anything but work.

Alternatively, it would've taken days with a mentor to learn all those things, without the emotional rollercoaster all those experiences came with.

Can you imagine?

Just like the example above,

There is little to no benefit in you spending years unhappy,

Trying to find all those jigsaw pieces on your own, when I have the whole puzzle already assembled for you.

It's right here pre-assembled on a silver platter waiting for you to reach for it BUT

You must honestly ask yourself if you believe you have what it takes to follow the instructions, do the work, and consistently apply what you learn.

If you're not willing to do the work then don't waste your time and money,

Because even if you tell me you are not satisfied with the guide(In other words, you did not do what was needed) I can return your money, but cannot return your time,

Which is a million times more valuable than money.

But if you are willing to do the work to finally unlock the true potential of life.

The true potential inside of you, then this is the only toolbox you'll ever need to build that mansion of your dreams.

The only guide you'll ever need to become the person you always wanted to be but just didn't know how


This maybe should have been the first point but, the third skill you'll be mastering is fitness.

Yes. Fitness.

I'm going to take your hand and walk you step by step from an absolute beginner who has never worked out,

To a confident, healthy, energetic person.

Yes, you will become that person through fitness.

One of the most truly evil lies we have been told is that physical and mental health are two separate things.

You cannot imagine how true and profound the statement "a healthy body is a healthy mind" is.

Don't take my word for it. Go research it. It's scientifically proven.

As an angry teenager that went through a lot of troubling times,

Fitness was my first taste of genuine confidence, and self-belief.

I don't want to imagine how much worse life would have been for me if I did not have it.

Fitness literally changed my life.

In this module of the guide, I will help you overcome any fears or obstacles you may have on your fitness journey.

Not knowing what to do, feeling overwhelmed, insecure, afraid of being judged, not knowing what to eat,

If you can think about an obstacle, it's already covered inside


No BS, down to the point guide consisting of 3 modules (videos and text) which cover everything you need to know to save years of unnecessary pain, trial and error.

All you need to know to become the best version of yourself and live an extraordinary, fulfilling, above average life.

A life 90% of people can only dream of.

Learn how to become the best version of yourself not only for you, but also for everyone around you.

By extension this will lead you to be the best parent, friend, partner, lover, colleague, etc.

The people and opportunities you thought you had to chase for money, love, friendship, and approval will now come flying to you like magnets

AND, I'll be with you every step of the way, helping you and answering any questions you have via email for 90 days from the day you start


Master the essentials of social dynamics which allow you to excel in any social situation.

•Establish a healthy relationship with yourself.

•Learn the secrets of unspoken communication.

•Understand human psychology.

•Build long lasting friendships.

•Form life-changing networks.

•Experience poetic romance.

•Crush job interviews.

•Charm your partner's parents and friends.

•Start being taken seriously, valued and respected for who you truly are.

•No more pretending to fit in.

Bonus: a little secret that women can use to get ANYTHING they want in a relationship

Bonus video: Social superpowers


Equip yourself with all the necessary tools you need to overcome the endless struggles in life and achieve all your goals

•Unlock your true inner potential.

•Transform from a person who constantly feels overwhelmed to an unshakable mountain.

•Learn how you can have endless energy to go after your goals and achieve them.

•Take control of your life to curate a reality you wouldn't want to take a vacation from.

•Learn how to have your mind, heart and body working together towards what you want rather than having to fight against them.

•Develop uncompromising discipline.

•Overcome insecurity, shyness, awkwardness, and low self-esteem.

Establish dominance over your desires so that you are no longer a slave to them.


Over 15 years of fitness and nutrition experience handed over to you

•Build a healthy and strong body that allows you to take full advantage of life

•A-Z walk-through of everything you need to know to get started on your fitness journey.

•Lose fat and build muscle.

•Step-by-step easy to understand instructions.

•Complete beginner to advanced level material.

•Learn how to overcome mental obstacles you will face with food, training, and rest.

•Understand the dynamics of nutrition and how to use them to your advantage.

•Develop awarenes and mindfulness.

Now look.

Let's be honest with each other.

We both know that if you look for a detailed course on any of those 3 topics taught in this guide,

A course that really digs deep and gives you the quality of knowledge found here,

Each one of them ALONE would cost you around €300-€1000+.

Now, if you know my brand already,

Then you know that I don't really need to put this content out there.

I'm not one of those "course creators".

I already have physical products that I'm selling which my customers are crazy about.

This brand sells hair and beard products.

But as you might have read in the Self-care rants ebook,

Expanding my brand to include products such as the ebook and this course/guide

Is a way for me to make a real impact on people's lives.

What is the point of going through all those experiences and having all those skills and all this knowledge if I'm just going to die with it one day?

Why not share it with the world?

"Why is it not free then?"

Good question,

A. If you pay for it you're not going to let yourself forget about it and not take action

B. Time is money and nobody can argue that.

As much as I'd love to just give you everything for free, it is a big time and effort investment to not only make this course,

But also perfect it and make sure it is clear, effective, and delivers what it promises.

It's the same reason I don't just give away my physical products for free.

This guide is MUCH more priceless than any physical product simply because of the pain and experiences it needed to be created, which is the "raw material cost" in this case.

Add to it the amount of value it can offer you.

The fact that it has the ability to change your life if you do the work.

It's easily worth thousands.

Originally I was going to charge €1997

Because the people who understand the importance of developing these skills and are serious about living an above average life would happily pay more.

Would you or would you not pay €10,000 if it meant you can live the life of your dreams and be truly happy?

What is that worth to you?

I know coaches that charge €50,000+ to rich clients for the SAME stuff I want to teach you. No, this is not an exaggeration, you're welcome to look it up.


I genuinely want to make this knowledge accessible to a lot of people.

So instead of being greedy and making this into 3 separate courses and charging you hundreds or thousands for each,

I'm giving you all 3 for less than the price of one.

All 3 skills you need to live the life of your dreams will not cost you €50,000

It will not cost you €10,000

It will not even cost you €1997

All 3 skills needed to live an above-average life and be the best version of yourself once and for all are a one-time investment of only €479


If you're reading this part here then consider yourself VERY lucky because right now this guide is on pre-sale.

Meaning it is not released yet.

This is an incredible opportunity for you because when it is officially released soon,

It will be priced at €479 but if you're seeing this now,

That means you have the chance to pre-order it now for €245 only


If you're hesitant, I get it. I would be too.

But let's make a deal to put your mind at ease.

I can make you a generic money-back guarantee but,

That would be too boring and too easy for you to quit.

I want you to succeed so I'm going to hold you accountable.

When the course is officially released and I send it to you.

Every day for 30 days, I want you to take a 5 minute video with your smartphone after your workout,

Simply talking about what you learned from the guide and what you did to apply the information.

By the end of those 30 days, if you show me those 30 videos and you tell me that you did not find the guide helpful then I will happily give you your money back.

Some people will take advantage of that.

I'm fine with that too. It's a risk I'm happy to take.

It's not going to stop me from helping those who genuinely want to help themselves.

Either way, you will still have lifetime access to all the material in this guide.

Sounds fair?

"You are only one decision away from changing your life" - Mel Robbins


 €245 ONLY


What if I don't have time?

If you are too busy now, do you think you are also going to be busy in the future?

Most likely yes, and you want this to be a long lasting change, right?

Don't you think it's best to start now?

Because if you learn how to take control and improve your life when you're busy then you're going to be able to do it forever.

If you start when things are easy then you will stop and quit when things are difficult or more busy.

If you feel like there is not enough time during the day, I totally get it. I went through that myself until I took a deep look into how I spent my time and decided to cut out all the stuff I needed to stop doing.

If you want to improve your life one day, why not start now?

If you're going to do it eventually, might as well do it now.

What if I don't have money?

The more you risk, the more you will be committed to your success.

If this program teaches you how to reach all your goals, would the price be worth it?

Think about the thousands you pay for 4 or more years of university without any guarantees to find a job, and how long it would take to make that money back.

Compared to this program that can change your life in as little as 3 months for less than a fraction of the price and it comes with a guarantee.

The money you will spend on this program, you are going to spend it anyway in the next few months.

You WILL pay and learn the lessons in this program.

The only question is, will you pay for it with money or with time, unhappiness, and pain?

Do you want this process to take 12 weeks or 12 painful years?

The real question is not if you will buy these lessons or not, it's how do you want to pay?

You've been paying with time and pain so far, how's that working?

You're not going to live or be young forever so you can go through endless trial and error, buy time by buying other people's mistakes and experiences.

If you don't actually have the money then you need to know this,

You don't need to have resources, you need to be resourceful.

When you get an unexpected bill that you have to pay, you always find a way to pay it even if you don't have the money, right?

If I told you I will sell you the newest Ferrari for only €5000. You WILL find a way to get that money.

Same thing here, the stuff you're about to learn is priceless. You can continue to limit yourself or you can find a solution.

What if this is not for me?

Do you want to continue being who you've been or do you want to be who you know you can be?

If you want to be a new different person, you need to have a new identity and new priorities.

If the old you doesn't like exercising or eating healthy or talking to people, that's not your problem.

That's not you anymore. You are stepping into an identity of a person who does anything they have to do to get what they want.

If you want to change YOU need to change.

Your likes and dislikes, your habits and choices made you the way you are today.

It's going to hurt to change, but let me ask you.

Which one is worse? The pain of staying the same or the pain of change?

If the pain of staying the same is better for you, then by all means continue down the path you're on until the pain is unbearable.

"I have tried other things before and it did not work"

Don't let one bad experience hurt you twice.

The first time when it happened, the second time is if it stops you from having a good experience.

If you have a bad relationship, you can be hurt and decide to be single forever, or you can be hurt, meet someone new and experience magical romance.

Just because you've had a negative experience before, does not mean this will be the same.

"I need to ask my partner/parent "

Are they happy you are struggling?

If they want you to be happy then why would they be against this?

If your partner/parent needed this to be happy, would you support it?

Then why would they not support you?

Remember, you don't need anyone's permission. You are in control.

The reality is you are asking for their support, and if it is something that is good for you then there is no reason they will not support it.

" This feels too fast. I need to think"

How long have you been wanting to change your life?

How long have you been thinking about this?

Fear has always been stopping you.

You have already been thinking for years and what are the results?

Maybe it is time to start doing

"I can't decide"

Do you think this will help you reach your goals?

Do you trust me to deliver the results and keep my word?

Do you think it'll work for you?

If no, then you can easily get your money back.

You don't even have to decide now because you can't decide without trying.

The real decision is when you already have the program and after 30 days, you find that it is not what you expected.

That it does not do what I told you, it does not fulfill its promise,

Then no worries, no pressure, it's all good. Let me know and I'll give you your money back.

The word "decide" comes from the Latin root "decidere" which means to "cut off/eliminate/kill off"

So the question is,

Which future are we killing off today?

The future of the dreams and goals you want?

Or the future of not doing anything and continuing the same unhappy life you've had until now?

Not taking action is taking action and deciding to kill the future of having your dreams and goals come true.

5 years from now, do you want a future that is a result of what you have been doing so far living an average unhappy life?

Or a future that is the result of positive change and action that you take today?

Ask yourself, even if this is not perfect, will this program move you closer to the life you want to live?

If yes, then what are you waiting for?

Success in anything is just always making decisions that keep moving us closer to our goals.

Choose an option

3 options with guarantees

Option 1:

You do the program, you get the results, you win, life is amazing.

Guarantee: above average happy life.

Option 2:

You don't do the program, you don't get the results (because you didn't do the program)

Guarantee: same life you have now or worse.

Option 3:

You do the program, you don't get results.

Guarantee: you get your money back

The only risk you have is with option 2.

The reason you are telling yourself you can't is the exact reason why you MUST.

How long do you want "I'm not motivated", "I can't afford this" or "I don't have time" to be on your list of problems in life?

How long do you want them to remain obstacles that stop you from doing what you want?

The reason that usually stops you is what you are giving away your power to.

You need to challenge it and get your power back.

Break the cycle that has kept you where you are.

"You are only one decision away from changing your life" - Mel Robbins


 €245 ONLY