About us

Who We Are

Named after Marco Polo, the traveler. Marco P. is the first brand to specialize in natural, hair, beard, and body care products with a wholistic focus on self-improvement and care, while creating a tangible difference in the world.

Being named after a famous traveler, our products come in scents that are inspired by the beauty and priceless experiences of different countries, and cities.

We wanted to trigger warm feelings and bring smiles by making you remember all the best moments you've had travelling around the world.

What Makes us "Wholistic"?

Unlike the majority of companies that virtue signal at best, at Marco P. we are committed to a mission of making a tangible and measurable difference in the world.

A mission of effectively changing lives and saving lives.

We mainly do this in 3 ways;

1. Physical products that directly and immediately help you look and feel better.

2. Digital products and content on our social media designed to help you become the best version of yourself.

3. Every order we get, we take a portion of the money and donate it towards financing access to clean drinking water in poor regions.

In only 6 months after this brand was created, Marco P. had already financed over 29 million liters of clean drinking water and we're just getting started!

With this in mind, you can feel proud with a sense of achievement every time you use our products because,

A. You are taking care of yourself physically and mentally, which improves your life and the life of everyone around you.

B. You have helped save a child's life.

So welcome to our community and thank you for supporting our mission.